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Wie groß ist das Feuer? Ein Pilot (Text)

Wie groß ist das Feuer? Ein Pilot (Text)
Homo Octopussy, a tentacled creature from a speculative future, travels to the present to write a situation report on our present.

Species extinction, climate change, corona, war, hunger, mass exodus. The crises are so closely interwoven that there is no return to so-called normality. At the latest since the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, it should dawn on us what the crises are really about: they no longer come one at a time, they are cumulative, sometimes exponential, they interact and sometimes reinforce each other, and they will not end as quickly as they do.
In this unprecedented situation, a being from the future is needed to give hope and initiate new ways of thinking.
The being (played by Anne Hoffmann) is taken out of its original context, the play „Chthuluzän is calling_reports from the future“ (2021), and „set free“ in the public space of Lübeck.
How do we as a society, but also as individuals, deal with this accumulation of crises? Operationally, intellectually and morally, we are completely overwhelmed by it.
And what does this do to our psyche?

The encounters between Homo Oktopussy and the inhabitants of the city of Lübeck are accompanied by the visual artist Moritz Frei with his camera. The experimental documentary film shows spontaneous contact with people, e.g. in the form of questions and answers and non-verbal interaction, as well as explorations of public space.

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