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Moritz Frei


Selbstportraits analoger Photoautomaten

165 x 239 mm
24 Seiten

signiert und nummeriert, Auflage 100



Nicht vorrätig


Whether with or without a selfie stick, the smartphones have rendered the old photo booths almost obsolete. My good friend Moritz Frei’s series Selbstportraits pays tribute to Berlin’s last remaining machines that hold so many dear memories. Equally performance piece and photographic series, Frei “assists” the photo booths to “create” self portraits by placing a gigantic mirror inside and one in front of the machine. After inserting money into the slot, the kiosks finally get a chance to photograph “themselves“. The Selbstportraits are wonderful collages, patchwork passport photos of photo booths, almost reminiscent of cubist portraits.

Rogert Eberhard, Der Greif

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