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Moritz Frei

Artworks of the Day

Artworks of the Day entails a view of the artist’s daily work. Out of the self-imposed imperative to give shape to an idea or to be inspired to produce a work out of an existing form within 24 hours (actually only 16, if we assume 8 hours of sleep are enough for Moritz Frei), a work rhythm emerges that gives the objects their connective character. They are miniature still lifes of seemingly insignificant subjects that coalesce in their diurnal sequence to form the world theater of daily life.

The book contains a collection of 111 Artworks of the Day.


154 × 215 mm
216 Seiten
Deckenband, Fadenheftung
ISBN  978-3-9819301-3-9


The kitchen: Site of the alchemistic metamorphosis of a root into Jerusalem artichoke mousse, place of the transformation of matter through the mind, space of the artistic refinement of the everyday into the sublime.
Alexander Klar, Director Museum Wiesbaden


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